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(San Diego, California) It's a product that gives new meaning to the term "Give me a light."

Now a product called Litecubes is giving consumers an interesting and entertaining way to "see the light." Litecubes are realistically designed one-inch clear plastic blocks that resemble frozen ice cubes. What makes the product unique is a battery-operated light inside the Litecube that illuminates the cube (and whatever it is submerged in) from the inside out.

"For the quintessential low-tech, gotta-have-it party gadget, look no further than the Litecube." (I.D. Magazine, May 2001)

"The gem of the International Housewares Show....Best line of the show: 'Your drink gets lit before you do.' This was reference to the curiosity of the show, the Litecube, a gel-filled plastic cube that cools drinks and lights on and off when tapped." (Elise Anthony/Dallas Morning News, Jan 26, 2001)

"It's like fire and ice," says Litecubes inventor Carl VanderSchuit. "Imagine a waterproof candle that can be submerged in a drinking glass, tub or your pool -- without going out."

Litecubes are made of non-toxic, FDA-approved plastic and contain a gel that allows it to help keep cold beverages cool.   A simple push of a button allows one to activate the cube to one of two “blinking” modes or a full light mode.   When used intermittently its battery lasts for dozens of hours. Unlike the single-use "glow sticks" that are popular these days at concerts and parties, the Litecube can be turned off and then reused time and again.

The uses for Litecubes range from lighting drinks at tailgating parties to illuminating punch bowls at receptions or even providing  unique effects in tubs and pools. Additionally, Litecubes can simply be placed around a room to create a wacky or surprisingly romantic atmosphere. The products come in red, white, blue, green yellow, pink, orange, purple (purple tint)  and an 8 mode “multi-colored version.  Red, white and blue Litecubes can be used for the increasingly popular patriotic theme; red and green for the holidays; or match a color to your favorite sports team. Litecubes are also available for use as promotional and premium gifts or in  fundraising efforts.

Since its launch in 2001, the Litecube now is available in not only many colors but many shapes such as: golfball, football and pumpkins. 

"As a professional photographer, I was looking for an interesting way to use lights on Halloween evening that would entertain the local children," says Carl. "When I saw my working models reflected in a glass of water, I thought it would cool for the light to come from inside the glass and that's when the Litecube 'came to light' you might say."

Litecubes are sold through a number of on line companies as well as retailers such as Z Gallerie and a number of small gift stores.


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